“A story is like the water you heat for your bath.            
It takes messages between the fire and your skin.
It lets them meet and it cleans you!”
– “Story Water,” Rumi

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Journey for Justice:

An On-line Lenten Planning Companion for Pastors and Educators


February 20, 2017 – March 30, 2017

Each year we journey through the stories and scriptures of Lent with Holy Week and Easter as our destination. The texts in each lectionary year are full of meaning. And each year we encounter them through a new lens of context in our congregations, our community, our country and our world. (And almost every  year I feel as if Lent sneaks up on me right after Christmas!)

This year I have chosen to look at the Revised CommonLectionary Year A texts for our Lenten journey through the lens of biblical justice, the justice and love of God’s realm. I invite you to come along!  Beginning on February 20th, you will receive one online lesson each week for six weeks through the Ruzuku On-line Course Platform. Each lesson focuses on the texts for one Sunday in Lent and has four easy steps for reflection and planning. Lesson One includes two bonus steps for Ash Wednesday reflection. There will also be a seventh lesson coming to you in the final week with an opportunity to reflect on the entire process and a invitation to the course evaluation.

As a course participate you will be asked to complete a brief profile introducing yourself with bio info and a picture in order to create community. Comments can be made online on each step of each lesson. Discussion will  be lively and imaginative! I will monitor the comments and be available through them to answer questions.

Course cost is $75.00 USD.  It is limited to 12 participants. Registration opens February 6, 2017 and closes February 27, 2017. There are 4 early bird registration slots for $65.00 USD using the early bird coupon link which will be active until February 12, 2017. The course includes one hour of personal storytelling coaching over Skype that can be scheduled between March 1 and May, 2017. This is open to those of you who are not in the US as well. We will make the time differences work!

There is also the option for a three hour on-line retreat for Easter planning on March 23, 2017 from 10 am to 1 pm MST/USA. The retreat will include time for prayer and meditation, nurture of the pastor’s and/or Christian educator’s soul, as well as discussion and brainstorming on your planning for Easter Sunday. Cost for the retreat will be an extra $25 dollars. It will have separate registration and will be built on the six weeks of lessons in the course.

The role of pastor and educator can be isolating depending on your ministry setting. We often spend so much time planning Lenten nurture and education for our parishioners that we are burned out by Easter! “Journey for Justice” is an opportunity to feed your soul through Lent so that you can bring nourishment and challenge to your congregation. Join me on the journey!

Just to review:

  • Six weeks of on-line curriculum to help you grapple with the Year A Revised Common Lectionary Lenten texts  through the lens of biblical justice; February 20 – March 27, 2017.
  • Stories and poems not featured on the Sermon-Stories.com website and blog to use in Lent
  • Prayer opportunities to nourish you as a pastor and educator
  • One hour of personal storytelling coaching that can be scheduled between March 1 and May 1, 2017.
  • Option to add on an on-line Easter preaching/storytelling retreat day on March 30, 2017; 10 am to 1 pm (US Mountain Standard Time). Will make connection with time zone outside of the US work!

Register for the course at Here .

Early Bird Pricing available for 4 until February 12th!