“A story is like the water you heat for your bath.            
It takes messages between the fire and your skin.
It lets them meet and it cleans you!”
– “Story Water,” Rumi

Welcome to Sermon-Stories, a resource for storytelling in worship and faith formation education.

I use story to illuminate the depths of God’s love that lies within the spiritual essence of us all.  As individuals and communities recognize and connect with their God-given identities and gifts of love, they are empowered for sharing, for serving, for the work of prayer, justice and fellowship.

Stories order the chaos of the world.  Their imagery and messages construct our lives, intellectually, emotionally and psychologically.  And most importantly, stories form our souls. They give voice to our deepest longings and questions. Whether they arise from the dreaming of our imaginations or the imagery of sacred texts, the private and public experiences of our daily lives or the pages of history, stories bring our minds and hearts into congruence as we build our lives of faith.

Here you will find:

  • A weekly blog on storytelling issues in ministry, including the imagery found in the weekly texts of the Revised Common Lectionary. 

  • Ideas and suggestions to spur the imagination of the storyteller in telling scripture

  • Sermon starter questions (for the adult or children’s sermon.)

  • Story suggestions for illuminating the imagery in the weekly RCL texts.

  • Workshop information for your church, regional or national event. 

  • Coaching to hone your storytelling skills in ministry.

Do you want to heighten your congregation’s Biblical literacy, empower their spiritual formation and spur them to greater service?  Join me here at Sermon-Stories.com to enliven your storytelling and story listening skills, honing them as essential tools for leadership in faith development for all ages.

I am also pleased to announce the publication of my new book,

45 Days with Jesus; A Discovery Journal Blended with Love from Jesus.

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