Meet Jane Anne

My name is Jane Anne Ferguson and I am your on-line story consultant.


As an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, story and storytelling are a vital part of my ministry.  Following in the footsteps of the supreme storytelling minister, Jesus, I use story to convey Biblical faith through telling scripture   as story and illuminating scripture meaning through telling  tales from the sacred and folk traditions of many cultures. Jesus was all about telling stories rather than preaching rules.

My work in professional storytelling spans three decades with experience telling to all ages in many settings.  It is my greatest joy to share stories with people in worship, classroom settings, workshops, retreats and conferences ~~as well as around the dinner table.

My first career in theatre led me to storytelling. Storytelling, with its power to nurture spiritual healing and catalyze thought for change, led me into ministry. Facilitating the ability to glean truth for our lives from the very ancient texts that make up the Judeo-Christian scriptures through story is my passion. Hearing the layers of imagery, feeling and meaning in story lead us on spiritual pilgrimage, strengthen ing our souls to join in God’s work in the world, to build community and family life as well as face all that 21st century life demand.   

A native of Texas, I worked in theater and storytelling all over the country for over twenty years before entering theological education and the ministry.  I have a Master Storyteller certificate in Sacred Storytelling through my apprenticeship work with storyteller and theologian, Dr. Robert Bela Wilhelm as well a Masters in Performance Studies from Northwestern University and a Master of Divinity from Yale University.

I live in Fort Collins, CO with my husband, Hal, and a largely loving golden retriever name, Chumley.  I am a conference/retreat speaker, workshop and pilgrimage leader available to serve wherever you need storytelling in ministry.