Imagery and Ideas, Year B, 6th Sunday, Easter

Year B, 6th Sunday, Easter Acts 10:44-48  •  Psalm 98  •  1 John 5:1-6  •  John 15:9-17 There are visceral and vivid images in this week’s lectionary texts, particularly in the psalm – roaring seas, singing hills, hand-clapping flood waters, trumpets, lyres. And … Continue reading

Generosity Power, Year B, 3rd Sunday, Easter

Year B Acts 3:12-19  •  Psalm 4  •  1 John 3:1-7  •  Luke 24:36b-48     At my church I am the staff liaison to the Stewardship Board. We are working to change the cultural paradigm of stewardship from a pledge campaign for the … Continue reading

Complete Joy, Year B, 2nd Sunday, Easter

Year B, 2nd Sunday of Easter Acts 8:26-40  •  Psalm 22:25-31  •  1 John 4:7-21  •  John 15:1-8          In the earliest centuries of the Christian church it was the practice to require that new converts return to church for … Continue reading