Workshops and Retreats

We are all storytellers. It is one of the deepest parts of our humanity.  I have a passion for using storytelling in workshops and retreat settings helping others discover the stories within and the stories that have shaped their lives.

Here is a list of possible workshops and some retreat suggestions.  I will be giving these fuller description in the week ahead.  And I am always open to suggestions for workshop and retreat themes.  Willing to work with your church, regional meeting, camp or specific group to craft just the right workshop or retreat experience for you.


Biblical Storytelling 101

Learn the basics of internalizing a Biblical story to tell in worship. You will learn how to recognize the story’s imagery and word patterns along with their basis in the text’s literary and social context in order to bring the story to life with your personal interpretation. This workshop is highly active and participatory. You will leave General Synod with a Biblical story to tell in worship next week!

Storytelling for Faith Formation

Heighten your congregation’s Biblical literacy, empower their spiritual imagination and spark their passion for service through storytelling and story listening, essential faith formation tools for every age group. Come home from General Synod with new skills for storytelling in worship and education!

Children’s Time: Not Just for Children Anymore!

Children’s Time is for all ages! Using stories that enhance the flow and theme of the worship service, Children’s Time can be sacred space for the whole congregation. Learn to choose and tell stories as midrash and parable for illuminating the sermon’s scriptural basis. Come away with tangible plans for your next Children’s Time in worship!

Children’s Storytelling: Speak Only Praise


Basic Storytelling Skills in Ministry

Folktale as Sacred Midrash

Crafting Stories for Sermons



 Listening to Your Life Through Story-Listening

The Crescent Moon Bear
How to Reflect on Story: The Meditation for Crescent Moon Bear


 Women’s Wisdom

 Sarah and Hagar: Women in Relationship