45 Days with Jesus


I am pleased and proud to announce the publication of my new book,


45 Days with Jesus; A Discovery Journal Blended with Love from Jesus.


HR Book Cover


Available at Amazon.com

45 Days with Jesus is a journal experience for those that may never have encountered Jesus or those who would like a different perspective on Jesus than a traditional Bible study experience. Scripture selections are accompanied by prompts that invite readers into a brief writing exercise incorporating the topic of the day’s text into their life. Though some contemplation is required, the prompts suggest actions that lead to examination of attitudes regarding relationships with self, others and God. Readers are invited to take tangible action daily.

The book offers an encounter with the Jesus of history and the spirit of the Risen Christ through seven different lenses:  Awareness, Awakening, Authenticity, Inspiration, Integrity, Healing and Unity, Peace. Reflecting back on my life I can see that Jesus, through his teachings, stories and life of compassion, continually invites me to encounter my self and others through each of these lenses.

Under the Workshop and Retreats tab you will find a Study Guide for groups interested in working through the book together. Feel free to copy it for leadership use in church and book study communities.

I am also available to lead a day-long or weekend retreats based on the book to cap off a study group. The retreat consists of a variety of storytelling and prayer experiences interspersed with discussion and personal reflection time to help integrate the insights of the seven week journaling into people’s lives. Please contact me at info@sermon-stories.com for scheduling and fee information.

Edited by iKE ALLEN of Avaiya Media in Boulder, CO as part of his 45 Day Series, 45 Days with Jesus; A Discovery Journal Blended with Love from Jesus, is available at http://www.amazon.com/45-Days-Jesus-Discovery-Journal/dp/1511572698. Packages of 5 or more books are available at discounted prices at www.avaiya.com.


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